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Hydrolized Collagen - 500g

R 350.00(incl. VAT)
Shipping Estimate:Gauteng: Orders before 13:00 delivered the next working day. Outside of Gauteng: Orders delivered within 2 to 6 working days.
500g Hydrolized Peptan Beef Collagen from grass fed cows. We found a supplier for high quality beef collagen imported from France. You will struggle to find Collagen in SA for less than R2000/kg, so we bought bulk Collagen and packed 500g packs for distribution at (R350/500g or R700/kg). Collagen is a protein which supports bone density, painful joints, nails, hair and a healthy skin. When you mix 4 teaspoons of Collagen in with your 50g of Nucleo, you will improve the absorption. Nucleo contains many ingredients which helps with Collagen absorption and Collagen production in the body.  
Protein 90g per 100g
Sodium410mg per 100g
Calsium30mg per 100g
Energy1530kJ/360Kcal per 100g

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