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Chocolate Nucleo (750g)

R 360.00(incl. VAT)
Shipping Estimate:Gauteng: Orders before 13:00 delivered the next working day. Outside of Gauteng: Orders delivered within 2 to 6 working days.
  Nucleo Superfood is a well-balanced, nutritionally complete, high fat, high protein, low GI Carb, natural, meal replacement shake/smoothie.  Nucleo combines 43 nutritional ingredients which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega oils, antioxidants, protein and low GI carbohydrates the body needs to ensure sustained energy, improved concentration and reduced illness, while gradually fortifying the immune system. Nucleo applies specific natural, nutritional techniques to nurture, recover and heal the intestine and therefore ensuring optimal absorption of all the ingredients into the bloodstream. Nucleo contains some of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to man; Spirulina, Vitamin C, Colostrum and Omega 3 which together suppress viruses, kill bad bacteria and stop diarrhea. Each of these ingredients has a tremendous international scientific track record in their own capacity. BENEFITS:
  • Increased energy and quick recovery reported by endurance athletes such as mountain bikers, ‘Comrades Marathon’ runners, and ‘Ironman’ athletes,
  • Excellent as low calorie meal replacement in a weight loss program,
  • Ideal as first meal when doing intermittent fasting,
  • Complete and safe nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers,
  • Better blood glucose control for diabetics,
  • Reported reduction in the severity of chemotherapy side effects in cancer clients,
  • Reported improvement in children suffering from leaky gut syndrome and allergies,
  • Reduction in symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon),
  • Reported reduction in severity and duration of acute infectious diseases,
  • General improvement in chronically ill and elderly people,
  • Increased energy and concentration levels in factory workers,
You can drink only 25g per day and feel the full impact of Nucleo because of its phenomenal absorption benefits. At less than R 11/day that is cheaper than a coke without considering that you treat yourself with 1000% better nutrition! Even as a 50g meal replacement (providing all the vitamins/minerals/amino acids/antioxidants/omega 3 oils/ protein your body needs daily) at less than R21/day, Nucleo is much cheaper (and healthier) than any junk food meal, whether a hamburger, sandwich or pizza! Nucleo is a safe superfood for all ages and you cannot overdose on it. An apple a day provides more nutrition than only half an apple a day. In the same way, the more Nucleo you take daily, the more you will benefit from its nutritional impact.  
Enjoy a R50 per pack discountIf you order 3 or more packs of any combination of flavours
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With WaterAdd about 50g of Nucleo powder in 200 - 300ml of water in a shaker and shake well. The less water used, the more it becomes like a porridge.
With MilkCan mix Nucleo in milk, which is not always healthy. Rather mix with healthier options such as Almond or Coconut milk.
In a SmoothieMix Nucleo powder in with any ingredients you prefer in your ideal smoothie such as fruit/berries, coconut, honey or almond butter.
In yoghurt or porridgeYou can mic Nucleo with plain yoghurt or your preferred porridge.
Leave Nucleo in the fridgeYou can mix Nucleo with water, shake it and then leave it for a few hours in the fridge. The digestive enzymes will create a very smooth and milky taste when you shake and drink it later.
Weight750g = 15 x 50g meals
FlavourChocolate taste using natural Cocoa.
Artificial FlavourFree
Artificial ColourFree
Chemical PreservativeFree
Adults50g per day
Adults when ill2 x 50g per day
Adults training longer than 1 hour per day2 x 50g per day before training and after 1.5 hours
Children (15 months to 10 years)25g per day
Children when ill2 x 25g per day
Cannot overdose on NucleoAll ingredients in Nucleo are safe
Strawberry Using beetroot to give a natural pink colour. Strawberry flavour does not contain spirulina (found in the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours).
Vanilla Turns green due to Spirulina.
ChocolateBrown colour due to mixing yellow flower and beetroot with green spirulina
Pregnancy and BreastfeedingNucleo is not only nutritionally complete but also very safe during pregnancy
ChildrenNucleo is safe for children of 15 months and older
Chronic DiseaseNucleo is safe for diabetics, people fighting cancer and on chemo therapy. Nucleo use only plant protein and so provide an alkaline environment in the blood which reduce risk of cancer.
MedicineNucleo is safe to use with any medicine because it is a food. But check with your doctor on the ingredients in Nucleo for your condition.
Inge Kahts


The only time I panic is when my Nucleo Shake is not stocked up in my house. I have been drinking it every day through my pregnancy and now every day while breastfeeding. I can really say we have not been sick in 2 years. I'm at ease knowing my baby is getting all he needs through breastfeeding and I'm getting everything my body needs to stay healthy and build my immune. And offcaurse it's delicious to drink so what a pleasure. Thank you Jacques and team for great service and assistance always 👍

Monique Botha


Our Family has used Nucleo for 6 years now. Our son of 7 years old started drinking Nucleo at the age of 1.5 years. (and has never stopped since) He is not a good eater and Nucleo is a life saver in our family as it is a complete meal, and quick and easy to make. Our baby of 21 months also loves Nucleo. We introduced Nucleo to our baby at the age of 15 months and he loves it (chocolate flavour). Our baby stopped drinking milk at 21 months and now only drinks Nucleo. As a working mother of 3, I often don't have time to make lunch, so I make a quick Nucleo shake and I know that I have a balanced and nutritious complete meal. Thank You Nucleo!

Rene Lowings


In May 2022, I had a LBA (live blood analysis) which revealed a leaky gut issue, preventing my body from absorbing all the nutrients I consumed. After only 4 months of adding Nucleo shake to our already healthy diet, I did another LBA and was astounded at the results. There were no leaky gut symptoms at all! You can imagine how excited we are about Nucleo's efficacy and affordability. Thanks Nutribrands Team!



On the 1st of April I was rushed to hospital and I was in ICU with multiple organ failure after a ulcer burst. I lost so much blood I needed blood transfusions and I barely survived. When I got out I could barely eat and would throw up basically everything. I had no energy and fainted from just standing up. Mommy came in and gave me a few sips of the Nucleo shake and a small piece of banana. It took the hospital days and days to get my energy and strength up including calorie rich IVs and it didn't work. But within a week of drinking Nucleo, I could drink a full 50g dose of Nucleo and use the bathroom on my own. My medical results have increased so drastically I went from liver failure to mild damage. My kidney function is back to normal and I'm making a huge recovery and shocking doctors and 100% credit I give to your product. So not only do I want to thank you for your customer service with my mom but also thank you for saving my life basically.... I had little chance of full recovery and now it's a possibility for me and I'm 29.

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